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The street from near
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non visible

Collage & Pictorial sedimentation : 
Advertising, abounding in our cities and our countryside, emit a small parasite that bubbling slowly in the retina of passersby.
It proceeds unconsciously and signified more than it seems to. Besides the small messages it is supposed to deliver, this is an indicator of how our world works. what taste, what color, what objects, what ideas, what direction, how fast, what Prize… do we want to sell us by these billposters ?

This small invisible music interferes as ultrasound between our neurons. It is invisible because it submerges our landscapes and disappears in artificial normality. But it is audible because our signs learning incite against us to decipher the visible sense. Each placard is like a small desperate mouth, prisoner of his chief, launching his small cry in public space. Discouraged because of its artificial and summary life.

Each campaign is cleared by another, which will be quickly gobbled up by the following. All are superimposed and muzzled each other. A car takes the place of a tin that turns into financial product to deploy to infinity other products.

These successive layers do not nevertheless disappear.
They are material, shapes and colors. They store in the darkness covering.
  raymond Heins
raymond Hains
Nevertheless, they are still the witnesses of their fleetingness. A pictorial sedimentation which reveals a very precise significant time

Submitted to the natural and synthetic elements, disintegration takes place slightly. The chemical structure weakens, the brightness deteriorates, pixels tear themselves, but the group remains coherent. It is united in its history and participates in it in its way.
Over time, the space in two dimensions is not affected, but the volume increases, millimeter by millimeter. This paper crust is not so different as the earth's crust. It reveals in own way its quite small perimeter: Days and weeks organized by the human beings, made by them. But Life is made by little things. And it is gathered together that these details show their power.

Accelerated, this movement would find an echo in the universal movement. It could be construed as a desperate bid to communicate. As if the survival of our society depended on this colorful and intrusive ballet.

Then, it is time for me to affix my key to deflect the course of their history. No, you will not only be the extras of a film which does not belong to you. Yes, you will become the tools and the material of a festive recreation, playing with you as the brushes with their palette.


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