My Pseudonym LEMOCK is a kind of anagram of my civil name; an imperative need to break and reshuffle the cards of a Lyon architects genealogy, strained figurative painters. This rebaptism liberated a creative energy which enabled me to dive and explore the successive layers that make up my humanity and its environment.

My artistic work is thus inspired by the sedimentation. So much the one who constitutes the landscapes, that the one that shapes us all, and aggregates together the consecutive experiences.
I already had several lives; emotional, family, professional and artistic. All are memorable. They shape who I am today. The “Great History” also has its importance, but to go back up even higher is can be more essential. It allows to see, beyond the causes, an underlying line of force that guide our destiny.

At a time of major environmental questions, find the roots of early history and look what is common there make sense for me. Dive inside the Beings and their symbols to reproduce readable and evocative images is for me a necessity; fix words, images and forms is a way to explore the Present, included in a much larger space-time.. This process puts into perspective its own existence, while making a sanctuary. It captures the uncertain moments to dissect and make resonate with what we are.

My school is my past: My underground artistic practice, my audiovisual career, my self-educated modeled me until my total commitment for Art.

My life is my future: the search for a plastic model of the world and the powers that animate it, created the essential energy to my contemporary creation.
My present exists only between both. It is the delicious moment when the body begins acting alone, disconnected from a prominent brain. This is where the work is ...

Lemock et le repaire de l`inconscience



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